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Collaboration on Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Ontario (CHEERIO)




City of Toronto’s HELP has Launched

The City of Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) has launched! More information on the HELP program can be found by visiting Live Green Toronto's website or their HELP brochure. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to the City of Toronto’s HELP e-updates to be kept apprised of Program milestones, updates and events:  (just scroll down to the bottom to find the HELP list serve)

Infrastructure Ontario Financing Municipal LIC Programs

Infrastructure Ontario is now able to provide financing to municipalities that want to implement LIC programs. Check out Infrastructure Ontario’s brochure for more information.   

Provincial Long Term Energy Plan Update

As you may be aware in the Province’s Long-Term Energy Plan the government announced their intent to launch an on-bill financing program for an energy efficiency retrofit program through electrical and gas utilities. CAP and TAF are just trying to find a date and time for the Ministry of Energy and the CHEERIO group to get together to talk about how the on-bill financing and the LIC program can best work synergistically and in coordination to ensure a comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit program that is best able to reduce provincial energy demand, generation and costs; increase local economic development opportunities; and improve the resilience of Ontario’s population to future energy cost increases.

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CHEERIO is the Collaboration on Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Ontario. The overall goal of this project is to collaboratively design a high-quality, multi-municipality pilot that will a) assess the effectiveness of the LIC financing powers in accelerating deep residential energy retrofits and b) provide insights and guidance regarding full-scale implementation. The priority focus will be on the residential sector in Ontario, both single-family and multi-unit.

There are four specific objectives of the proposed project:

1. To convene Ontario municipalities and other key stakeholders to jointly develop a recommended set of LIC pilot design parameters and formulate a pilot framework for local implementation.

2. To create communications tools and templates that will assist cities in communicating the rationale for municipalities utilizing the LIC mechanism, including the potential risks and benefits associated with cities’ use of LIC to advance energy efficiency.

3. To jointly assess key issues related to pilot design for example, marketing and communications strategies, integration with other relevant programs including the Energuide Rating System, program delivery models, criteria for selection of eligible measures, finance administration, legal issues.

4. To create a monitoring and evaluation protocol for use in local pilots such that data from various local pilots can be aggregated and analyzed.


The links below provide access to CHEERIO deliverables for use by Ontario municipalities

LIC Program Evaluation Qualitative Research Study (Ipsos Reid, 2013)

LIC Financing Pilot Program Design for Residential Buildings in Ontario (Dunsky Energy Consulting, 2013)

Overview of Recent Amendments to Ontario Regulation 586/06 - Local Improvements on Private Property by Agreement (Aird & Berlis LLP, 2013)

LIC Primer - Using Local Improvement Charges to Finance Residential Energy Upgrades (Sustainable Alternatives Consulting, 2013) (click here for MS Word version)

LIC FAQ Series (Sustainable Alternatives Consulting, 2013) (click here for MS Word version)


The links below provide access the past RFQs, Meeting Notes and an anotated bibliography of LIC related resources


 CHEERIO Meeting Notes

 CHEERIO Resources

 CHEERIO Follow-Up Workshop, November 2nd, 2015

This project was initiated by Toronto Atmospheric Fund and made possible through contributions from: