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CAP Reports

Alliance for Resilient Cities

January 5, 2011

About the Alliance for Resilient Cities

The Alliance for Resilient Cities (ARC) is a Canadian network of decision-makers that supports the efforts of local governments to protect their communities from the impacts of climate change.

Launched in September 2007, ARC brings its members together in a series of “webinars” – web-based seminar meetings. The webinars facilitate information-sharing among Canadian communities about climate change, its impacts on urban environments and strategies to reduce vulnerability or adapt to these impacts. The webinars also link government officials with leading experts in the growing field of climate change adaptation.

The ARC website provides members with access to previous webinar presentations and links to indexed practical resources for towns and cities working to protect their communities.

The network encourages collaborative initiatives among members with common concerns and interests. As ARC expands, it will also host regional face-to-face best practices workshops.

ARC Membership

Membership in ARC is targeted at local, provincial and federal governments, and related non-governmental organizations.

For membership information, please contact Gabriella Kalapos.

ARC Webinar Series

The 2010 Webinar Series, 2009 Webinar Series and 2008 Webinar Series have been archived.