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CAP Reports

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Clean Air Partnership (CAP) is a registered charity launched in June, 2000.

CAP’s mission is to work with partners to achieve clean air, facilitate the exchange of ideas, advance change and promote and coordinate implementation of actions that improve local air quality.

CAP’s energies are directed at addressing the greening of cities through cleaning the air, stabilizing climate, and protecting people from air pollution and the impacts of climate change.

CAP employs a range of tools to achieve these results. These include research, mapping, policy initiatives, market solutions, and public education. CAP works closely with local communities and others who share the common goal of healthy sustainable cities.

CAP’s strategic focus is to get results, using our resources for targeted efforts concentrated on the critical issues of air quality and climate change.

CAP maintains a local perspective: Our areas of work - fostering livable green cities with healthy air quality, GHG emissions reduction, energy conservation and climate change adaptation – engages us in research and direct work with local decision-makers and communities.


We believe we can make cities greener, healthier places. To do that, we work with Canadians, decision-makers and businesses to make the environment a top priority. We focus on strategies that will get results, which for CAP means influencing decision-making in the interests of liveable cities.

How we do this: 

We tackle the most critical environmental and health issues of the day:
clean air and climate change. 

We get commitments.
We get commitments that achieve measureable progress.

We have a mission.
 Clean Air Partnership’s mission is to transform cities into sustainable, vibrant, resilient communities, where the air is clean to breathe and greenhouse gas emissions are minimized. 

We are accurate and trustworthy. We promote actions based on the sound research conducted by our team of expert researchers. We often present groundbreaking new research insights, conclusions and strategies for revitalizing and protecting our cities.

We enlarge, advance and share our expertise.

We leverage others’ programs and expertise.
We accept that others have complementary programs and expertise that will help us to achieve our goals and we work in partnerships to avoid duplicating efforts.

We protect people with the following measures: 
  • Air Quality Health Index - to protect people from air pollution
  • Southwestern Ontario Clean Air Council - to mobilize clean air actions in Southwestern Ontario
  • Idle free - to reduce pollution near schools
  • Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation - to promote active transportation in cities
  • Extreme Heat Decision Support System - to help people visualize healthy cities
  • Adaptation Strategy for the City of Toronto - to avoid and reduce climate change impacts in Toronto
  • Alliance for Resilient Cities - to adapt to climate change in Canadian cities
  • Urban Heat Island - to reduce extreme heat in cities
  • Local Climate Visioning Tools - to show and motivate communities and decision-makers   
We foster livable cities with the following measures:

  1. GTA-CAC municipalities announced 17 new clean air and climate change actions at the 2008 Smog Summit.
  2. GTA-CAC municipalities set integrated clean air and climate change targets for implementation by 2010.
  3. In partnership with GTA school boards, we delivered 20/20 The Way to Clean Air to over 400 classrooms and 10,000 families.
  4. Start-up of the Southwestern Ontario Clean Air Council.
  5. Produced Green Doors website showcasing over 75 green buildings Ontario wide.  
  6. Recruited new members for the Alliance for Resilient Cities.
  7. Hosted ARC webinars on topics related to climate change impacts and adaptation, attended by communities nationwide.
  8. Launched the North/South Climate Change Network.
  9. Assisted the City of Toronto in the development of its Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, which was adopted by Council in July 2008. 
  10. Participated in the Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation, which is working with the Province to construct Ontario’s climate change adaptation strategy.
  11. Inaugurated the first two-day course for urban planners on Planning for Climate Change, with 19 planners from 10 Ontario communities.
  12. Peer reviewed a new national guidebook for local governments on integrating Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainability.
For more information please visit the program areas within this website and download our brochure.