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CAP Reports

CAP Reports

20/20 Planner

January 20, 2010

Welcome to the 20/20 Planner! A tool designed to walk you through a two-stage process to saving energy at home and on the road. This practical guide will start you off with some easy-to-do activities and move you onto longer-term cost savings actions.

Need to Cut Back?

Call the 20/20 hotline at 416-392-2020 (toll free 1-866-583-2020) for a copy of the Planner. Better yet, save trees and simply download it (see download page).

20/20 Residential Planner

Easy activities to conserving energy at home or on the road by 20 percent.

20/20 Connector Sector

Energy efficient products and services arranged by geographic region.

20/20 EcoSchools Planner

A modified 20/20 classroom guide developed for teachers across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Educators, download a copy  and join us in sowing the seeds that will raise the next generation of energy conscious citizens. To learn more about the program you can also visit the Ontario EcoSchools website.

Download Planners

All of these materials can be found on the download page.