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CAP Reports

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January 20, 2010

Need more information? The following is a list of PDF documents you can download for your reading convenience.

20/20 Planner Facts 

  • On average 20/20 The Way to Clean Air participants reduced their home energy use by 25 percent and vehicle use by 19 percent after selecting their priority actions from those listed in the 20/20 Planner. 
20/20 at School Resources

Other 20/20 Resources  

20/20 The Way to Clean Air At Home Tip Cards  
 20/20 The Way to Clean Air On The Road Tip Cards

20/20 Multi-Media Presentation 

Teachers: Use it in your classroom to introduce your students to the 20/20 activities
Students: Use it at home to introduce the 20/20 activities to your clean air buddy

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